Fury (Vincent’s Log)

May 3 2079,

New research assistant today, Cute but kinda ‘proper’. Spent the whole day explaining what we do, what we’re looking for.
Offered to get lunch, ended up chatting. She’s from the cancelled ‘Mindweaver’ program. Never knew they were into that kind of hocus pocus on level 7. I think I listened alright, Her smile’s contagious, even had George smiling back and George don’t smile at anyone. Grumpy old fart.

May 7 2079

All good in the world, showed up with a hangover from last night’s party. Got scowled at. On with work. Not sure what we’re looking for but all the regular suspects are out. Time to think outside the box.

May 9 2079

We hit the library today. She’s a phenomenal researcher. cross referencing everything in he entire database for a pattern. Now we’ve excluded the usual stuff we’re looking for more esoteric things. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m nuts. She declined drinks after work.

May 14 2079

Call me paranoid but there seems to be a correlation between Us and the decline. And I’m not talking about global warming, Even the damn holy books talk about it. She suggested a deeper search of myth and legend. Why the hell not, what have we got to lose? Oh yeah, the planet and everyone on it. Don’t know if it’s futile or not, but we have to try.

May 17 2079

Hangover from hell. I went to the library for some quiet and found her there. Pensive, quiet. Left her be till lunch when I offered to pay, she tried to say no until I promised it would be somewhere that served coffee, not beer. She opened up a little, about herself. No-one talks to me that way. It was… Nice… but not at the same time. I got the feeling she glossed over a lot. Got absolutely nothing done but accomplished a smile

May 18 2079

Breakthrough… Maybe. It’s weird, there seems to be some correlation between certain points on the planet and things dying out. Hell, the bible even references it. She seems to agree given the facts. She talked… personal stuff. She’s tougher than she looks. Got a smile again until I asked her if she’d like to join in. Said “I was a little too wild”. Oh well.

May 24 2079,

She talked again today, offhand during the research. I wish, … no I don’t. Oh but I do.
Shut up, it’ll never happen. It can’t happen, I’m not right. She’s not right… Deserves better than a one nighter.
Maybe… No who am I fooling. It’d never work.
The energy signature is feint, but there. I have to do more digging.

May 29 2079,

The more I see the more it gets confusing. She said to discount it, that it’s an anomaly, I’m not so sure. it seems to run like a spiderweb, stronger in certain parts of the lab. EM interference She said.
Maybe she’s right. Thought about the other thing and then thought better of it. I’m nowhere near Good enough. The Club will have to do.

June 3 2079,


The fucking hippies were right. Now she thinks I’ve lost the plot, I have to make the detector portable. She says she’ll indulge my ‘fantasy’ because at this point we’re grasping at straws. I happened on some old maps, Real old. I’ve got to convince her that this is the right thing to be doing.

June 28 2079

They’re right. It’s something. She won’t believe me. The portable detector works. Lunch was good.

Oct 7 2079

She’s finally on board with the notion that things are connected. We’re headed to the Vatican archives, no-one alive there to stop us anymore anyway. DoD says it is the last excursion they can do for us without a result.

Nov 5 2079

earth grid-world sphere

Those fuckers had it the whole time. It’s been sitting here since the dark ages. Every secret every piece of forbidden knowledge…. and where the nexuses are. She’s more than on board now. It’s been nice out here in the field.
There might have been a look… no.

Dec 5 2079.

We’ve plotted the nexus closest to us, Sat imaging shows it’s dead, but it’s not equipped for scanning the energy we need to find and the DoD says there’s no money for a new one, launch costs too high.

Aug 3 2081

It’s been a while I know, we’ve plotted the major and minor points, Globally there’s only 5 that have ANY signs of life at all.
DoD says it’s too risky to mount an expedition. She thinks we have to check it out, keeps pushing them. Quietly tenacious.

Nov 1 2081

Our new machine can find and control this stuff, we had an abandoned school exactly where we needed it. Tests prove it can be done. No funding though. They say it’s needed elsewhere. She’s helping me salvage any equipment that’ll help.

Mar 4 2082

I don’t know if you’ll ever find this, ever read these words.
I have to go, I’ve stashed enough gear to get me there and back.
I’m not risking you as well.
It’s in Nebraska.
and I think our gear can fix it.
and if you’re ever reading this…
I’m sorry I was an ass.



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