Apologies to anyone who’s seeing this posted a 3rd time, what can I say?

I’m actually proud of it, and the companion/prequel piece that was also inspired by the conversation by a good friend and Very talented writer.

RhetoricAskew herself Mandy Melanson.

It made me smile how close both stories were to each other, greatly tortured and dark minds thinking alike and all that.

Here’s mine:

Conversation Inspired Flash.


Beeping reverberated in the room, echoing off the stark white walls. The hiss of the machines that were circulating Vincent’s breath and blood created a wave like pattern, sounding like surf crashing on the beach. The Hospital room couldn’t be further from sand and sunshine.
The doctor eyed Rose, still sceptical.
“You’re sure you want to try this? I’ve seen this kind of mumbo jumbo before, I’ll admit it has some power, but the risk to yourself? Is it worth it”
Honeyed hazel eyes blinked slowly,
“There’s no choice, we need him up and walking.”
“Have it your way, I’ll do what I can should the worst happen. Don’t day I didn’t warn you.”
“You’ve done your due diligence Doctor, Now let me work. ”
Turning sharply from the Doctor, she glided to the top of the stretcher, Placed her hands on his head and entered his mind.


The room was cramped, looking more like the inside of a crate. Weapons and armour stuffed on shelves and strewn around the floor.
Rose knew it was a warning, the lobby of a mind always gave clues as to what was inside. This was not a good sign, trusting her judgement she looked for something in her size and prepared to go in further.
“Leave” pleaded a loud disembodied voice, “I can’t hold them off, I have to keep them here!”
“Vincent!” she shouted.
“He can’t hear you…” glowered a voice from the corner “… You should listen to him.”
It had resembled a heap of weeds and rags, yet it moved, and apparently spoke.
“I’m Eric before you ask, if you care. I’m supposed to stop people going in, but I’ve been stopping them coming out.”
“Them, them who?”
“The ones that escaped the pit”
“What Pit? You’re not making any sense.”
If you go In you’ll see, but I’d advise you didn’t”
She viewed the pitiful heap and snorted. “How are you supposed to stop anyone going in, You look Half dead.”
It unfolded from a knee high midden to a full nine feet above her head, Clawed fingers dripping what could only be venom.
It was horrifying and pitiful.
“There’s hardly any energy left to sustain me, He’s using it all to fight … them.”
Rose pondered a second, this thing, this abomination of thought was the Gatekeeper; The welcome wagon.
What the hell had she gotten herself into.
Eric motioned and opened the heavy wooden door.
“C’mon if you’re coming, I might as well come with you… He doesn’t have long.”
They descended the dank stone stairs for what seemed like hours. At the bottom it opened into a huge cavern. They were standing on a clifftop, overlooking a vast plain.
Each shape was different, each horrific in it’s own way.
There were tens of thousands of them, all circling a distant center where a tiny figure was engaged in mortal combat with the whole damn horde.
“Vincent! What the hell have you done?” she gasped
Eric loomed over her, “It wasn’t his fault, he kept them all in the pit, one of us turned and released them”
Rose shot her gaze up at him “Which one Eric? Its Important.”
The beast sighed ” You look like you already know the answer… It was Hope.”
Her eyes became narrow “And these things?” she queried sharply.
“They’re every dark impulse and thought he’s ever had.”
She gasped, and looked at the distant figure raging a war with his own mind. So many, Maybe she didn’t know him at all. What drove a man to fight when hope had betrayed him.

“Take me to the pit.”


The nurse flew into the room as the alarm sounded,
“Doctor, we’ve got Ventricular fibrillation…”
The Doctor pulled his glasses down and stared at her over the top of the golden frames.
“I’m not an idiot! Get the crash cart and fifty mils of adrenaline, two syringes… we might lose them both.”


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