What do you do when trust is questioned?
There’s a couple of schools of thought, but personally, I’m of the school of thought that once it’s gone, it’s nigh on impossible to get back.
Presently there are 3 people on this planet that I trust without question.

Which brings me to another issue… Masks.
We all wear masks one way or another, we’re different people for different situations. With friends, one mask. At work, another. With the folks on the checkout, another again.
Screw that.
You want the truth, Here it is.

I’m Me. I’m imperfect.
Had a string of failed relationships and it takes 2 for things to fall apart.
I’ve been both good and bad, in trouble and the rescue party. And I’d do it again.
I’m a half broke writer, and I frequently bite off more than I can chew, but go nuts trying to get things done.
I’ve let things get to me, and I’ve dealt like a freakin champ.
I’ve been broken and fixed. I’m stubborn and yes I flog dead horses, staying with things long after things have gone south.
I hate acknowledging that I’ve made a mistake but I make ’em and own ’em.
When my mind’s made up it’s made up.
When I give up I walk.
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for friends.
Even the fairweather ones.
I drink far too much coffee and 2 bottles of wine a week.
Oh how I’m craving a smoke.
I get in impossibly awkward situations with ease.
I feel, I hurt, I burn and yet I’m happy, inside, through all the stress I’m happy.
I don’t have much, and I’m ok with that.
But by hell I’m ambitious, I’ll shoot for the stars and fall, dust myself off and try again.
I say what I mean, although sometimes I pretty it up.
I hate being the bad guy, but I’ll do it if I have to.
I’m a geek, a nerd, a poet, a writer, a romantic and a freakin warrior.
I hide insecurity with humour.
I’m predictably unpredictable, transparently confusing.
Know me and you’ll know everything.
I know what I want and have no clue how to get there… That won’t stop me.
I’m coming for my dreams.
Buckle up!

The mask I wear is no mask at all, this is Me.
Raw, Exposed, Me.
This is my truth.


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