2015 review…


It’s been a rollercoaster year.
From the battle that was the new year, the ups and downs of elevator installation, to finding what I’m actually supposed to be doing…
And where I’m actually supposed to be.
We’ll get there…

Battles fought and hard won at the beginning of the year shaped most of the rest of the year’s events.
An out of control spiral, good and bad.
Highlights include working with the CE guys, Jeremy, Jay, Lumpy, Dave, Shawn, Rod, Chris, James, Jamie, Art, the warehouse guys, the electrical guys, the office girls… Thanks folks, I had a blast, I wish you all well for the future.
“The Mouth”, “the Import”, and “the Man in comfortable shoes”, No hard feelings boys, karma will get you, good luck.
I also miss that battered van, y’all ever selling it, let me know… Or one of those cubes. 😉

Then summer hit, things started calming down, but fate it seems had other ideas. July saw this year’s first Christmas, funding issues, ping ping employment and that all consuming, impending sense of doom that the end of the summer brings.

And then there was the Tribe, quite how I stumbled in there, I’ll never quite know.
What I do know is that in The EGW group I found family, friends and a belief in my writing that had sadly been lacking. Peers actually read my stuff, and the genuine positivity of the group lead to the formation of a support group that has saved both sanity and life, not just my own. This ramshackle family of misfits, comedians, genius and emotion… Quite literally changed everything.
Among other things finding a phenomenal writing partner who’s work has shot my own into new territory.
Friends from all walks of life and religious beliefs, personal circumstances that would make a stone weep, and some of the most creative and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure to call friends!

Behind the scenes, fate was conspiring… Oh boy was it ever conspiring.
Just when you think you’re on balance, fate shows up at your doorstep and bashes you on the head with her giant wooden mallet. Subtle things, barely noticed words, slight actions and the gentle proddings of masterfully devious friends become a huge neon sign that says “right here idiot!”.
It’s said that everyone has a ‘perfect match’, and I had all but given up on finding ‘her’.
She found me, or rather, was pointed in my direction.
How one person can check off so many boxes on the list of wants/needs baffles me in a way I’m not sure I’ll ever completely understand.
But it’s happened.
Talking leaves me randomly flummoxed, thought trains derailing frequently, and the non stop series of thoughts of the future.
Yes, the future.
How that future will fall into place… I have no idea. It’s going to be an interesting and epic adventure.
I found my Alpha, and I’m not letting go. Falling faster with each day that passes.
Yes, it’s the big ‘L’!

So where does that leave 2015?
At the end, the good outweighs the bad, it’s a coiled spring of a year that is making sure next year is going to be a hell of a ride. In a good way.

Now I just have to find a stable home Internet connection…
So if you are reading this, and in whatever way you’ve had a hand in this year’s events, I thank you, and wish you well for the future.
Best of the season to you!