My head is spinning,
My thought pattern is so completely scrambled… And it’s amazing!

Standing on the edge of something huge…
Ridiculously perfect.
A new project that blows everything else I’ve done on my own out of the water.
And I’m not saying a word yet.
I can’t say a word yet.
It’s being planned and written and somehow, against any common sense, it works.
I don’t want to curse it.

In other news :
Somehow I got picked as Spotlighter for my writing group. How an unpublished writer does this is beyond me.
I’m advising people, answering questions that I don’t feel qualified to answer.
Old ghosts are hard to kill, but for whatever reason… And it escapes me completely… I’m doing good.
I’m told I’m doing good.
By authors… Actual published ones… And more writers that are far better than I am… People I freaking look up to… That I’m doing well.
There’s something in the air that is bringing about another change.

But for now…
And hopefully for a while…
I’m enjoying the spinning.


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